A list of HCSRN sites accepting each template below is included on the instruction sheet (page 1 of each document). 
  • Version 3.1 Sub-Award Agreement Template - this template has been shown to greatly minimize administrative start-up time for new NIH and other HHS grant awards in the HCSRN, formerly known as the HMORN. Version 3.1 includes updated OMB references. Instructions and FAQs are included.

  • Version 3.1 HCSRN DUA Template – 3-page data use agreement (DUA) template can be used for projects with (a) straightforward data sharing schemes and (b) that use the HCSRN's pre-negotiated sub-award agreement template. Instructions and FAQs are included.

  • Version 1 HCSRN Reciprocal DUA Template - For projects with reciprocal data sharing arrangements. Not linked to the HCSRN subaward template like the standard DUA template.




  • HCSRN DUA Toolkit - introductory toolkit covers when data use agreements (DUAs) are needed, how to put a DUA in place, best practices and common pitfalls. Appendices include answers to frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.