Matthew Daley, MD

The objectives of SPAN are to develop a distributed research network (DRN) that is operable across a range of health-care systems; permits menu-driven querying of data; utilizes patient-level data for analyses; and has engaged and proactive governance of the network. Investigators are able to employ the SPAN query tool to conduct analyses preparatory-to-research, as well as complex multivariable analyses, using data marts built to specifically address comparative effectiveness research questions related to obesity and ADHD.



  • PI: Matthew F. Daley, MD of Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s Institute for Health Research

  • Funding agency: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

  • Year funded: 2010

  • Related studies funded, since inception:  13

  • Website:



  • Denver Health and Hospital Authority (Denver, CO)

  • Essentia Institute of Rural Health (Duluth, MN)

  • Geisinger Clinic (Danville, PA)

  • Group Health Cooperative (Seattle, WA)

  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. (Boston, MA)

  • HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research (Minneapolis, MN)

  • Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Institute for Health Research (Denver, CO) lead site

  • Kaiser Permanente Georgia, Center for Clinical and Outcomes Research (Atlanta, GA)

  • Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, Center for Health Research (Honolulu, HI)

  • Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Division of Research (Oakland, CA)

  • Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Center for Research (Portland, OR)



  • University of Colorado Denver

  • University of Florida

  • University of Pennsylvania



  • Designed a distributed research network (DRN) that permitted menu-driven querying and analysis of patient-level data.

  • Expanded the scalability of the network by including integrated delivery systems and community partners.

  • Developed a governance plan for oversight of data access and sharing, operational and technical concerns, and potential conflicts of interest.

  • Built population-based cohorts for conducting CER.



The SPAN for CER network is a fully functional distributed research network (DRN) that has been implemented at 11 sites. It is actively used to conduct science through the access of individual-level data at participating sites and the use of SAS®, which has enhanced functionality. Scalability is demonstrated through the inclusion of two community health systems with different patient populations, healthcare delivery systems, and data environments.