The CRN uses a secure implementation of the open-source PopMedNetTM application to facilitate the distribution of SAS programs; the CRN implementation is referred to as CRNnet. CRNnet is the query tool that provides network infrastructure to conduct rapid QA, prep-to-research (PTR) analyses across multiple research institutions within the CRN. PopMedNet is used by several distributed networks include the FDA Sentinel, PCORnet, the Massachusetts Department of Public health surveillance network (MDPHnet), and the NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory.



Cancer Counter 

The CRN Cancer Counter is a data utility which generates frequencies and cross-tabulations of the number of primary tumors by selected individual and tumor characteristics extracted from the Tumor Registry files maintained by CRN health plans.  Variables included in the Cancer Counter are as follows:  a) SEER site recode of tumor site (computed from ICD-O primary site and histology data fields); b) Tumor Behavior; c) General Summary Stage; d) AJCC Stage; e) Age at Cancer Diagnosis; f) Year Cancer Diagnosed; g) Patient Race; h) Patient Gender; i) Patient Hispanic Ethnicity; j) Patient’s Vital Status (as of date of most recent update of the Tumor Registry); and, k) Health Plan (identities of individual health plans are masked).  Patient aged 90 years and above are grouped together.

Users must have a valid business reason for viewing any Cancer Counter tabulations and must provide that reason when entering the Cancer Counter.  To use the resultant counts in a research proposal, presentation, or paper, users must have the permission of the CRN Site Principal Investigator at each site included.  The data on cancer counts are proprietary, and access to these data are limited to members of the CRN following the policies approved by the CRN Steering Committee and the HCSRN Governing Board.  All CRN Cancer Counter data views are tracked by an electronic audit trail. 

If you need access to the CRN cancer counter or have forgotten your username and/or password for this secure website, and for questions about the cancer counter content or use, please contact Joanna Bulkley, (joanna.e.bulkley@kpchr.org), Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research.



As of Aug, 2017, the counter contains information on 1,632,787 tumors, spanning 1960-2015!

Research Center Tumor Data through:
Henry Ford Hospital & Health System (HFHS) 2015
Kaiser Permanente Colorado (KPCO), Institute for Health Research 2015
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii (KPHI), Center for Health Research 2015
Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC), Division of Research 2015
Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW), Center for Health Research 2015
Kaiser Permanente Washington (KPWA), Health Research Institute 2015
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (MCRF) 2014
Meyers Primary Care Institute / Fallon Community Health Plan (MPCI) 2014
HealthPartners Institute (HPIER) 2015
Kaiser Permanente Georgia (KPG), Center for Clinical and Outcomes Research 2015
Geisinger Health System (GHS), Center for Health Research  2014
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute (HPHC), Dept of Population Medicine, Harvard Med School 2014
Essentia Institute of Rural Health (EIRH) 2013
Kaiser Permanente Southern California (KPSC), Dept of Research and Evaluation 2013