Cancer Therapy Look-up Tables


Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy

These "look-up" tables were created by extracting codes from published research, NCI Web sites (e.g., Procedure Codes for SEER-Medicare Analyses), health plan formularies, and expert clinician opinion (e.g., medical oncologists, oncology clinical pharmacists). These tables contain over 8,000 NDC and 500 procedure cancer treatment-related codes. The tables are updated when new products or codes are identified. The codes are stratified by class of product (e.g., chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy) and code type (e.g., ICD-9, HCPCS). Please see the data dictionary below for definitions of classes.

The lookup tables below were last updated on March 2018. Any newly assigned procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and NDC codes since that date are not included.


Document Name File SAS Dataset
Chemotherapy Drugs Table Rx.xls Rx.SAS
Chemotherapy Procedures Table Px.xls Px.SAS
Chemotherapy Lookup Documentation Docum.doc  
Chemotherapy Data Dictionary DD.xls  

Caveats: Probably not every code in existence is present. Some of the drugs listed might be used in non-cancer settings. The class product may not be correct for all codes. There are codes for infusion additives that are pharmaceuticals but not drugs per se (e.g., D5W).


Radiation Therapy

The radiation therapy lookup tables contain lists of procedure and diagnosis codes that may be used to identify receipt of radiation therapy. We have included information about the general purpose of the code and the type of radiation therapy that applies to the code. Please see the data dictionary for information about each variable in the lookup tables.

The last update of the lookup tables was mid-2015 for procedures and April 2017 for diagnoses.


Document Name File
Radiation Therapy Codes - Procedures RTCodesProcedures.xlsx
Radiation Therapy Codes - Diagnosis RTCodesDiagnosis.xlsx
Radiation Therapy Lookup Documentation RT Documen.doc
Radiation Therapy Diagnosis Data Dictionary RT DD.xls


Please reference the Cancer Research Network (U24 CA171524) if you will be using or producing any reports or publications from these look-up tables.