Cancer Therapy Lookup Tables:

Prep to Research:

Cancer Counter: To facilitate efficient study planning, the CRN created and maintains the Cancer Counter that includes aggregated patient counts by tumor site, morphology, stage, health plan, vital status, race, gender, and Hispanic ethnicity. The Cancer Counter has proven to be invaluable for quick estimation of potential study population size for new and developing cancer research proposals.

CRNnet: The CRN instituted a standardized distributed query tool, PopMedNet, to extend the Cancer Counter concept to other types of medical utilization and enrollment data. The CRN implemented "CRNnet", which will serves as a platform to perform secure distributed querying using the PopMedNet query engine. The PopMedNet software platform is used by several other large-scale distributed data and research networks, including the FDA Mini-Sentinel and the NIH Collaborative Distributed Research Network.