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October 29, 2014

Tradeoffs Found for Bypass vs. Banding Bariatric Surgery

GHRI Press Release | JAMA Surgery Article



October 1, 2014

FDA Awards $150 Million Sentinel Contract to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

HPHCI Press Release: https://www.harvardpilgrim.org/pls/portal/docs/page/member/about/news/newsroompdf/PR-FDA-awards-contract-10-1-14.PDF



June 24, 2014

How to Prevent Disparities in Colon Cancer Screening | "BeneFITs" to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Priority Popoulations

GHRI News story | JAMA Internal Medicine Abstract 



May 19, 2014

Delaying Measles-Related Vaccines May Raise Seizure Risk: Study Researchers say findings emphasize importance of following timing guidelines

HealthDay | CNN | Pediatrics Article



May 18, 2014

On-Time Vaccines Better than Late: Seizures after MMR vaccines twice as likely if the shot is delayed

Daily Rx article: http://www.dailyrx.com/seizures-after-mmr-vaccines-twice-likely-if-shot-delayed



April 14, 2014

Dr. Buist named senior scholar in residence at AcademyHealth

AcademyHealth press release: https://academyhealth.org/Newsroom/NewsDetail.cfm?itemnumber=13319



April 10, 2014

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute MRSA Study Recieves 2014 Distinguished Clinical Research Award

HPHCI Press Release: 



June 10, 2013

CT scans—with radiation and cancer risk—rose in children: But ‘Image Gently’ could prevent many cancers—HMORN Cancer Research Network

GHRI Press Release: http://www.grouphealthresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2013/ct-scans-radiation-and-cancer-risk-rose-children

Abstract: http://archpedi.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1696279 



March 4, 2013

Colonoscopy Screening Reduces Risk of Advanced Colorectal Cancer: Results Show 70 Percent Reduction in Risk for Average-Risk Adults

Penn Medicine Press Release: http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/news/news_releases/2013/03/doubeni/ 



February 7, 2013

HMO Research Network Honors PAMF Research Institute Work: Dr. Powell Jose to receive Early Career Investigator Award

PAMF News: http://www.pamf.org/research/news/ 



January 14, 2013

Less reaction to DTaP vaccine given in kids’ thighs than arms: Vaccine Safety Datalink study of 1.4 million children at Group Health, etc., in Pediatrics

GHRI Press Release: http://www.grouphealthresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2013/less-reaction-dtap-vaccine-given-kids-thighs-arms

Abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23319538 



December 21, 2012

Essentia Institute of Rural Health Admitted to Prestigious Research Network

EIRH Press Release: http://www.essentiainstitute.org/EssentiaInstitute/PressReleases/Essentia-Institute-of-Rural-Health-Admitted-to-Pre-200.aspx 



December 10, 2012

HMORN Cardiovascular Research Network study finds: Lower copayments and use of mail-order pharmacy may reduce disparities in adherence to blood-pressure medication 

DOR Press Release:



November 26, 2012

Gastric bypass surgery helps diabetes but doesn’t cure it: People with earlier, less severe diabetes benefit more in HMO Research Network study

GHRI Press Release: https://www.grouphealthresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2012/gastric-bypass-surgery-helps-diabetes-doesnt-cure-it/

Abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23161525 



October 18, 2012

KP Research Collaboration Now an Evidence-based Practice Center: New EPC Wins 3-year Contract to Conduct Evidence Reviews for the US Preventive Services Task Force

KPNW Press Release: http://www.kpchr.org/research/public/News.aspx?NewsID=75 



September 25, 2012

NIH funds will strengthen national capacity for cost-effective, large-scale clinical studies

NIH Press Release: http://www.nih.gov/news/health/sep2012/nccam-25.htm?cid=FB 



June 12, 2012

Rise in radiation exposure seen even in integrated care: For millions of patients radiation exposure doubled from 1996 to 2010

GHRI Press Release: http://www.grouphealthresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2012/rise-radiation-exposure-seen-even-integrated-care/

Abstract: http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleID=1182858 



June 7, 2012

Eleven Integrated Health Systems Form Largest Private-Sector Diabetes Registry in United States: Researchers Use Database of More Than One Million Diverse Diabetes Patients to Find Better Treatment & Prevention Strategies

KPNW Press Release: http://www.kpchr.org/research/Public/News.aspx?NewsID=72



April 16, 2012

Problems in cancer care are not uncommon: Difficulties occur more often in communication than in medical care

GHRI Press Release: http://www.grouphealthresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2012/problems-cancer-care-are-not-uncommon/

Abstract: http://jco.ascopubs.org/content/early/2012/04/11/JCO.2011.38.1384.abstract 



January 31, 2012

Rate of additional surgery varies after partial mastectomy: Group Health, Kaiser, Marshfield, and UVM results in JAMA

GHRI Press Release: http://www.grouphealthresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2012/rate-additional-surgery-varies-after-partial-mastectomy/ 



October 18, 2011

Birth Defects May Be Linked to High Blood Pressure, Not Use of ACE Inhibitors in Early Pregnancy

AHRQ Press Release: http://www.ahrq.gov/news/newsroom/press-releases/2011/ehcdefects.html 



March 15, 2011

Six Kaiser Permanente Research Centers Join National Mental Health Research Network

KP News Release: http://xnet.kp.org/newscenter/pressreleases/nat/2011/031511researchmhrn.html 



December 6, 2010

Network will speed, streamline mental health research: NIMH grant establishes national Network based in 10 health systems

GHRI Press Release:  https://www.grouphealthresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2010/network-will-speed-streamline-mental-health-research



January 28, 2010

AHRQ and American College of Cardiology Collaborate on Study of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators 

AHRQ Press Release: http://www.ahrq.gov/legacy/news/press/pr2010/accicdpr.htm 



December 30, 2009

FDA, Health Organizations to Study Safety of Medications Taken During Pregnancy: New collaborative research program to study effects on mothers and their babies

FDA News Release: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm195934.htm 



November 10, 2008

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Creates National Network to Study Cardiovascular Disease

DOR Press Release: http://www.dor.kaiser.org/external/DORExternal/news/press_releases/press_release.aspx?id=3333 



September 17, 2007

AHRQ and FDA To Collaborate in Largest Study Ever of Possible Heart Risks with ADHD Medications

AHRQ Press Release: http://archive.ahrq.gov/news/press/pr2007/adhdmedpr.htm 



April 19, 2006

AHRQ Expands Therapeutics Education and Research Network To Focus on Critical Issues Facing the Health Care System

AHRQ Press Release: http://archive.ahrq.gov/news/press/pr2006/certexppr.htm 



September 8, 2004

New Study Estimates That Some Pregnant Women Are Prescribed Drugs Which May Be Considered Unsafe During Pregnancy

AHRQ Press Release: http://archive.ahrq.gov/news/press/pr2004/pregdrugpr.htm 



January 16, 2004

New Study Estimates Potential Savings Gained by Expanding Use of Beta Blockers in Heart Failure Patients

AHRQ Press Release: http://archive.ahrq.gov/news/press/pr2004/certbbpr.htm 



July 20, 1999

HMO Research Network Receives NCI Funding to Establish Cancer Research Network

NIH Press Release: http://www.nih.gov/news/pr/jul99/nci-20.htm