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The goal of the AGING Initiative is to bridge the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) with the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAIC) to create a national resource to nurture and advance an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on older adults with multiple chronic conditions (MCCs). 


We are seeking one-year pilot project proposals to support activities that will increase the likelihood of successful future research proposals focused on older adults with MCCs. These include, but are not limited to the following priority areas: 

  1. Methodological issues relevant to analyses of the health impact or treatment of MCCs including the validity of empirical measures. 
  2. Methods to address inferential issues in observational data on treatment effects. 
  3. Novel methods to use information contained in electronic health records to construct new measures relevant to MCCs, their treatments and outcomes. 
  4. Public health and health care cost impacts of specific combinations of MCCs in defined older populations. 
  5. Effectiveness and safety of different therapeutic options for patients with specific combinations of MCCs. 
  6. Alterations in safety or effectiveness of a treatment for one condition related to the presence of one or more coexisting conditions. 
  7. Understanding health and access disparities related to MCCs. 
  8. MCCs and COVID-19: impact on morbidity and mortality in older adults. 


Letter of Intent (LOI) Requirements 

  1. Specific Aims (one page)  
  2. Biosketch of proposed principal investigator (new NIH format) 

LOIs are due November 13. Please reach out to Christopher Delude for additional information.