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July 14: 

Heather Tavel and Daniel Ng discussed the exploration process used by the VDW Utilization Workgroup to understand the modes of virtual care at each site, the proposed solution, and how the increased use of virtual care requires us to rethink how we gather data elements for analyses. 

August 11: 

Suma Vupputuri, PhD, MPH and Aruna Kamineni PhD, MPH reported results from the 2020 HCSRN representation survey and facilitated a panel discussion on Advancing Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in the Health Care Systems Research Network

Along with sharing highlights from the survey attendees heard perspectives and experiences from a diverse group of panelists from HCSRN member sites about actions we can take to interrupt historical minoritization and promote opportunity and access for underrepresented individuals.

September 2020 (exact date TBA)

Details to come about the CDC Presentation

October 13:

Investigators from the HCSRN-led Medication Use, Safety, and Evidence (MUSE) Project will share insights about the collaborative process and data aggregation for one of the largest FDA-mandated opioid studies ever undertaken.