A high point of the HCSRN Conference was the celebration of several outstanding contributors to health-system based research. We gave awards for each of our two poster sessions, mentor of the year, early career investigator, and new for 2017, paper of the year.  These well-deserving recipients are:

Early Career Investigator: Jing Hao, PhD, MD, MS, MPH, Geisinger Health System

HCSRN Paper of the Year: M. Cabell Jonas, PhD, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States

Best Poster (2 awardees): Lisa Carter-Harris, PhD, APRN, ANP-C, Indiana University School of Nursing; and Ketan Mane, PhD, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States

HCSRN Mentor of the Year:Hal Luft, PhD, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Their commendable work is briefly summarized below. 

Dr. Jing Hao has already made terrific contributions in her career for her work in economic evaluations of health services and programs which aim to improve patient outcomes through promoting individualized/precision healthcare. Given the importance of both precision medicine and managing the cost of healthcare, Dr. Hao's work will have an important impact, and it is evident that she has made and will continue to make great contributions to these broad and important topics.

Dr. Cabell Jonas received a new award designed to recognize a paper published in 2016 by an HCSRN investigator that will have a significant impact on health care or health policy. We sought papers that were unique to HCSRN settings, either because they utilized our Virtual Data Warehouse, or because of our relationships with our delivery systems. Her paper, "Streamlining Screening to Treatment: The Hepatitis C Cascade of Care at Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States” (Journal of Clinical Infectious Disease) showed the power of EMRs for research, and also framed important implementation issues relevant to other acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. Lisa Carter-Harris, a nurse practitioner and health services researcher, is an alum of the Cancer Research Network (CRN) Scholars Program, which helps early career investigators develop research independence using CRN resources to conduct population-based multidisciplinary studies that leverage strengths of the CRN and HCSRN. Her acclaimed poster, “Lung Cancer Screening: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Decision to Opt Out of Screening” included co-authors Susan Brandzel, Karen Wernli, Joshua Roth & Diana Buist.

Dr. Ketan Mane is a Research Scientist and Health Informatics Lead in the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute at Kaiser Permanente. His research focuses on data analysis and visual analysis approaches to improve patient care by optimizing a clinician’s ability to identify treatment options that work. His highly rated poster, “Population Insight Tool: A Novel Visual Interactive Query Interface to Virtual Data Warehouse,” included co-authors Dimitri Buzkov, Jackie Blank, Jamila Gul, Tracy Lieu & Michael Horberg.

Dr. Hal Luft, director of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute, is the deserving recipient of the 2017 HCSRN Mentor of the Year Award. Numerous staff members, spanning a variety of research areas and years of service, were unified in their high regard for Hal and recognized his “invaluable and unique contributions to their careers and their lives.  They observed that Dr. Luft is inspiring, motivating, creative, and respectful, and that he has helped advance many research careers.