Jerry Gurwitz, MD

Executive Director

Meyers Primary Care Institute            

630 Plantation Street
Worcester, MA 01605

Meyers Primary Care Institute (MPCI)
is a joint endeavor of the University
of Massachusetts Medical School,
Reliant Medical Group, and
Fallon Community Health Plan.


  • Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Year established: 1996
  • Active studies: 42 in 2012
  • Peer-reviewed publications: 87 in 2012
  • Website:

Reliant Medical Group


Fallon Community Health Plan

  • Headquarters: Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Year established: 1977
  • CEO: W. Patrick Hughes
  • Patients/members served: Approximately 200,000
  • Areas served:  Massachusetts
  • Website:

Meyers Primary Care Institute is committed to research across the lifespan, from childhood to advanced age.  We conduct population-based research to inform policy and practice, promoting evidence-based care for the benefit of our community, and beyond. To learn more, visit



Top 3 Funding Agencies

  • Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
  • National Institute on Aging
  • Food & Drug Administration