Michael Horberg, MD, MAS

Executive Director, Research and Community Benefit

Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute

2101 East Jefferson Street

3 West

Rockville, MD 20852


  • Location: Rockville, Maryland
  • Year established: 1999
  • Active studies: 50+ in 2012
  • Peer-reviewed publications: 22 manuscripts and 30 abstracts in 2012
  • Website: mapri.kp.org



Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

  • Headquarters: Rockville, MD
  • Year established: 1980
  • CEO, Permanente Medical Group: Robert Pearl, MD
  • Associate Executive Director: Bernadette Loftus, MD
  • Patients/members served: 500,000
  • Areas served: District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (map)
  • Website: www.kp.org

The mission of the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute is to address the clinical, health policy, and service questions perplexing Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group providers, our medical program, and the healthcare system, through which we aim to improve the care experience of our patients and communities we serve.

We strive to disseminate our research findings broadly, both within Kaiser Permanente and externally, leading to advancement of medical knowledge and professional satisfaction.  We adhere to the highest scientific standards and maintain high levels of research integrity, with concern for our members as our highest priority. For more information, see


Top 3 Funding Agencies

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
  • Food & Drug Administration