The Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN), formerly the HMO Research Network, is led by Executive Director Sarah Greene. She is the first-ever Executive Director of the HCSRN, and is responsible for all strategic and operational activities as overseen by the HCSRN Governing Board.  The all-volunteer Board operates as a democratic constituency, guided by a set of agreed upon bylaws.

Together, these visionary leaders are helping shape the future of the HCSRN and health systems-based research.  


Five Board officers make up the HCSRN's Executive Committee. The Executive Director is on the Executive Committee in an ex officio capacity

  • Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD - Immediate Past Chair, 2015-2016
    Executive Director, Meyers Primary Care Institute 
    Reliant Medical Group | Fallon Community Health Plan 

  • Tracy A. Lieu, MD, MPH
    Director, Division of Research
    Kaiser Permanente Northern California 

  • Harold S. 'Hal' Luft, PhD
    Director, PAMF Research Institute  
    Palo Alto Medical Foundation 

  • Lucy Savitz, PhD, MBA  Chair-Elect, 2019-2020
    Director, Center for Health Research, Northwest & Hawai'i  
    Kaiser Permanente Northwest 



  • Claudia Steiner, MD, MPH
    Executive Director, Institute for Health Research
    Kaiser Permanente Colorado

  • Gabriel Chodick, PhD
    Maccabi Institute for Health Services Research  
    Maccabi Healthcare Services

  • John Zeber, PhD
    Co-Director, Health Outcomes Core, Center for Applied Health Research   
    Baylor Scott & White Health

  • Kristi Reynolds, PhD, MPH
    Assistant Director for Epidemiology, Department of Research & Evaluation 
    Kaiser Permanente Southern California

  • Robert T. Greenlee, PhD, MPH
    Research Scientist, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation  
    Marshfield Clinic Health System

  • Michael A. Horberg, MD, MAS
    Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute 
    Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

  • Lois E. Lamerato, PhD
    Senior Epidemiologist, Henry Ford Health System Research 
    Henry Ford Health System | Health Alliance Plan

  • Eric B. Larson, MD, MPH
    Executive Director, KP Washington Health Research Institute 
    Kaiser Permanente Washington

  • Karen Margolis, MD, MPH
    Executive Director, Research, HealthPartners Institute  

  • Richard Platt, MD, MSc
    Professor & Chair, Harvard Univ School of Medicine, Dept of Population Medicine
    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care 

  • Drew Bradlyn, PhD 
    Executive Director, Center for Research and Evaluation
    Kaiser Permanente Georgia 

  • Stephen C. Waring, DVM, PhD
    Senior Research Scientist, Essentia Institute of Rural Health 
    Essentia Health

  • Eric Wright PharmD, MPH
    Investigator and Director, Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes
    Geisinger Health System




Governing Board

  • Outward facing, network positioning. Set policy budget and strategic direction.

Executive Committee

  • Increase Board efficiency and agility. Manage Board strategies, policies and initiatives.

Asset Stewardship Committee

  • Cross-network coordination of assets, knowledge and resources.

Multi-Institutional IRB Coordination

  • Develop and implement Network-wide IRB ceding process and other IRB streamlining initiatives.

Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) Implementation Group

  • Coordinate, support, and oversee VDW development and management across sites.

Research Administrators Forum

  • Share best practices. Create HCSRN-wide administrative processes to build efficiencies.